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May 2021 Florida Food Forum “Sacred Nutrition: Religion and Food Justice”

On Friday, May 28th, the Florida Food Forum on “Sacred Nutrition: Religion and Food Justice” featured The Reverend Gabriel Morgan, Pastor of St Paul Lutheran Church and Faith Lutheran Church in Tampa, and The Reverend Andy Oliver, Pastor of Allendale United Methodist in St. Petersburg.  

“The relevance of our topic to food policy is centered on the cultural nexus, created by the collapse of sustainable local food systems and concurrently, the colonization of our entire culture by the industrial food system,” said host Dell deChant at the opening of the forum.  

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Opinion: Breaking Barriers to Keeping Bees and Growing Greens in St. Pete

Some of St. Petersburg’s citizens recently rejoiced at the passing of Urban Agriculture Ordinance 488-H on December 3rd, 2020, aimed at loosening regulations on residential produce sales and community gardens.  While proponents of the ordinance celebrate the enhanced opportunity for urban agriculture and its community benefits, critics question who is utilizing the policy, how the information is being distributed, and why we need these regulations at all.

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April 2021 Florida Food Forum “Youth in the Food System”

On Friday, April 30th, the Florida Food Forum on “Youth in the Food System” featured guest speakers Artha Jonassaint, National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Southern Region Vice President, and Lyrica, Zaira, and Nadira, the CEO’s and Founders of Bourne Brilliant LLC.

The topic of youth in the food system is one of great relevance to the future as the youth of today will soon be in positions of leadership in our culture. However, it is but is also of great important today because, as Moderator Dell deChant says, “It’s relevance touches on education, empowerment, opportunity creativity, and all the issues that are tied up with the contemporary food system. Including concerns about social justice, politics, oppressive features of the industrial food system, food security, and food sovereignty to name but a few. If we are going to engage these issues and concerns, we need to start now.”

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